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Why should we buy targeted members?

The best choice for your business is to take advantage of buying targeted members' services when you want to have a target customer for your brand or business and you your products or services are offered to a specific part of society. Since targeted members can become the real customer of your business, and grow it, they are literally working in your group.



Refund guarantee

If the delivery does not happen within the calculated time, you are guaranteed to have a refund.


Safe and Secure Payment

There is no need to register for paying. Paying is done with your credit card through and most secure the safest payment methods at the present moment.

Why we need to buy targeted members:

When you are trying to gain a target customer for your business and you are going to offer your products or services to a certain group of society, using buy targeted members services is the best choice for you and your business. As they can be the real customer of your business, they can actually grow your business and telegram group.


Fast delivery of your orders

When you register, your orders will be started. it will be prioritized and start ASAP.


24/7 Live Support

You are going to access customers’ support all day and all night without stopping. You can contact them at any time through a chat system, Telegram, Email, and even WhatsApp addresses.

 Targeted Telegram Members

The target members are those members who will be added to your group from the groups whose members you want to join your Telegram group.

How to add:

You can select users of the target group and then invite them to join your main group.


Telegram Target Group Filters

You can get targeted members to your group by means of the following filters.

  • Job Group
  • Sports Group
  • Target Group
  • Local Group (from your neighborhood.)
  • Location Group


Buy Real Telegram Group Members

You can take advantage of the method of increasing the fake members of the Telegram group and then increasing the real targeted members of the Telegram group in order to increase the members of the Telegram group.
In the method of adding targeted members, we can only use this system for groups.

Buy Real and Targeted Members

We recommend you make use of the “Buy real channel members” service when you want real members for your channel.


Additionally, it is more helpful if you use the Increase channel view” service.

Of course, this method cannot be used for adding targeted Telegram members.

Sales of Targeted Telegram Members

Select the target group or usernames you want to use as the source for increasing target members, then the provider will add them to your main group.

Do not worry if you do not have a certain group. You can simply make use of the 
Buy Targeted Members” service for choosing the best target for your brand or business.
The credibility of your business market will be kept with this method, and you can gain your 
target customers.

Remember that since users are real and active, there is a possibility of about  a %10 to %50 user drop; it only depends on the attractiveness and management of your group.


The requirements: Follow the steps below before registering your order:

  1. Turn your group from private to public,
  2. Pick and register an “ID” for your group in the “Link” section,
  3. Enter the “Administrators” on the group settings section,
  4. Select the “All members” option in the “Who can add members” section,
  5. Close your chat group after registering your order,
  6. Release your group chat after the order is done.


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