Keeping Your Social Media Accounts in Check

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We use a lot of social media today and a lot of people just put up anything. That’s why some people get in trouble because they just put up pictures and post texts that may be harmful. The good thing is that people can always put their social media in private. This means that not everyone can see your profile. If people who aren’t friends of yours on Facebook, they won’t see any of your posts on your account. On Instagram, it pretty much just tells you that the account you’re trying to look up is private. That’s why some people try to find outLinks to an external site..Links to an external site. ways on how to view private Instagram profiles on Android.

How you can keep your social media accounts in check

  • Most people usually just have one or two so that makes things easier. Either way, most people don’t use their social media in a way where they are trying to interact with a lot of people. That’s a good thing because you might want to set it to private.
  • Setting your accounts to private means that you don’t have to worry about other people since they cannot view your account let alone leave likes or comments if you want that. It doesn’t stress you out when the people that are interacting with you are the ones that you know.
  • You should also be mindful about the things that you put up online. That way, you don’t get in trouble in case you’re not sure if what you posted is good, bad, insensitive, offensive, and others.
  • Don’t give your password to anyone and try using an authentication system to make sure that you’re the one logging in. There are some people that may not see your profile, but there are those that can try to hack it.
  • You can also choose to block people if you want. That’s perfect if they are annoying you or harassing you.

How people may be able to see your private accounts

  • There are some ways for people to see your accounts even if they are private. There are certain apps and programs that people can use to see your accounts. You could say it’s like hacking but without too much of the skill needed.
  • People can also send you a friend request. If you forgot, accepting the request means that they become a part of your friends. When that happens, they’ll see everything that you made available for your friends.
  • There are those that can take a look at your account through another person who is friends with you. That’s actually clever because their friend can have access to your account’s feed without the need for hacking or using apps.

Always make sure that your accounts on social media are checked. You never know that you might have been hacked or someone is masquerading as you on social media.

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