Five Tips For Proofreading Your Dissertation

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Your dissertation is the result of several weeks and months of research. It needs to portray the real outcome of your experiences. It goes to say that your dissertation coach should be the best it can be else; it loses credibility. To ace your papers, ensure that your data is presented beautifully and logically. The last thing that you want is to piss your examiner off with spelling and grammar errors. To eradicate these inconsistencies, hire the services of experts at Grad coach to take the stress off your back.

After writing your paper, you should proofread it. You can do it yourself or outsource the job to an expert. If you choose the do the job of proofreading yourself, here are some practical tips to help you:


Go over your work once again to see if there is a logical progression through the sections. Does your research paper have an introduction that encapsulates the major themes? If it doesn't, it's an indication that you may need to rewrite it. Many times, I advise that the introduction be written after the paper is complete. Ensure that you have not mistakenly copied and pasted a sentence or two from another work.


Formatting is also part of the proofreading process. It ensures that all the styles are headings are alike. If you choose to use title case, it should be constant throughout your work, and if it's sentence case, it is same. Also, look at the numbering because they may be rearranged as you move chunks of data around. Also, look at each caption to see if they reflect the content of your work.

Give yourself time

Proofreading your work requires time which is why people outsource it to experts like grad coach. If you want to get the job done yourself, take a break after writing and come back days later. When you take breaks, your brain relaxes and gets ready to do a more significant task. Even if you decide to get a professional to do the job for you, don't wait till it's the deadline to get one—book grad coach ahead for maximum productivity.

Punctuation, spelling, and grammar

Grammar check is as important as the paper itself. Editing software like Grammarly helps you identify spelling and grammatical errors. If you go through without software, you miss out on some details. Technology has made things a lot easier for all of us. Go online and use the best editing software.


After going through significant areas of your work, grad coach looks out for plagiarism. It is normal to use materials from authorities in your field, but when you fail to acknowledge them, that's where plagiarism comes in. just because a piece of information is available on the internet doesn't give you license to use it without due credit. There are many aspects of plagiarism that is often ignored. For instance, some images on the internet require that you acknowledge their source.

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