Comprehensive review of the BovineVerse (BVG) platform!

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Review BovineVerse Platform

Nowadays, many new projects are springing up within the blockchain space. The cryptocurrency industry is predicted to exceed the current total Marketcap for gold in the next 5-6 years. This write-up will review a vast and innovative new project called the BovinVerse.

When you hear the word “huge,” what exactly does it mean? In the past, you will agree that many projected big projects didn’t survive or make it to the limelight. Sometimes, what we termed “huge” might not even come to its actualization. Does being “huge” mean being good? The BovineVerse (BVG) platform’s team claims to have a complete ecosystem of mining, NFT, gaming, and ICO in one place. Ensure you read this project’s Antidolos IEO Rating and Review until the end.

The idea behind BovineVerse IDO

We have spent many hours surfing the BovineVerse Website ( and social media, digging out comprehensive information on this project. The Whitepaper has provided some vital information on it. Issued by Singularity Studio, BovineVerse ICO is a new Fi+ Metaverse platform in the era of Web 3.0. Among the multiple parallel worlds in the BovineVerse (BVG) platform, and in their own words, “we will successively release three creative and exciting games on the chain and apply DAO governance to the virtual social network.”

This is a brief description of a complex project. We are satisfied with it, thank you. But we have learned that creativity makes projects successful, not ideas. Is the BovineVerse (BVG) platform creative?

The BovineVerse project seems to be moving on a logical path within a realistic framework. However, paper documentation alone will not guarantee success but hard work. 

BovineVerse (BVG) platform Whitepaper

The BovineVerse Whitepaper is not just a simple, stereotyped PDF file, as with most projects but a well-structured and detailed presentation. This was the peak of creativity of BovineVerse ICO. As with other new projects, they intend to build a metaverse gaming platform mixed with Web 3.0.

Legal Info

What is the first thing you check when you want to invest in an ICO? In our opinion, legal issues and licenses are among the top 5 things that show that you are dealing with a valid project or if BovineVerse is a scam ICO or not.

It’s too early to judge, and we don’t want to put a label on the BovineVerse IDO project, but no matter how much we searched, we couldn’t find a license or a certificate for this game studio. Interestingly, they consider themselves a sub-brand of Singularity Studio. Still, we did not find any evidence to confirm this either on their website or on the BovineVerse IDO website and social media. Unfortunately, this is where we got a little disappointed and expected more from this fascinating ICO.


BovineVerse (BVG) platform is not a large commercial holding. From the beginning, we did not expect to deal with a multi branches company. But, if we saw a physical office behind this brand, we would feel a little more at ease and feel better. Unfortunately, this is not something that many companies pay attention to, how much having a registered office and sharing photos and videos from the work environment helps to gain the trust of users and investors and how much it increases credibility. Yes, we know that maybe we are exaggerating a bit, but for a Chinese startup (They are a Chinese-English team, as we found), having an official office can be a winning card.

A quick look at the BovineVerse website

Domain: Age: November 2021
UI/UX Score: 4.5/5 Web Hosting: GoDaddy
DNS Records: No Error
Speed Grade: 40% Multi-Languages: Yes
Server Location: United States
SSL/TLS Certificate: Approved (CloudFlare) Abuse & Scam: No report

You will notice at first glance that they have an attractive website, but does having a good-looking website alone attract users and investors? In the current market, to an extent, yes.

Undoubtedly, graphics and visual appearance significantly impact attracting investors and user trust, and we are aware of this.

They did a good job here, but for our sharp eyes, other parameters such as mission description, tasks, goals, roadmap, financial details, and site speed are essential, which in these areas were not strong, if we don’t say disappointing. Another interesting thing that caught our attention was the presence of an extensive list of logos in the “Partners Section,” We found out that more than half of them are fake and were put there to increase the project’s credibility.

Social media behind the BovineVerse Platform

We must admit that the BovineVerse (BVG) platform is one of the most active ICO on social networks, and with more than 245,000 followers, it has managed to gain popularity. They appear to be professional on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, and Medium, except for their Facebook, Linkedin, and TikTok pages which have very few activities or engagements. Of course, we must point out that our analysis tools found about 30% of fake followers on Twitter, YouTube, and Discord, which we can ignore because of the high-quality content.

Technical Structure Bovine Verse IDO

Technical Structure

Coin details of BovineVerse IDO

After all the explanations you read about the BovineVerse (BVG) platform, it’s time to get into financial stuff and numbers. This is where most ICO scams in 2022 occur, and we were always sensitive to it and paid more attention to the slightest signs.

As you know, the smart contract of this project with the name “Bovine Verse Token” and the abbreviation BVT was written on the Binance Blockchain on September 18, 2022, and contains 1,000,000,000 BVT tokens. Since August 13, they have started distributing tokens as a private sale, which, in our opinion, was not very successful, and soon they switched to an IDO sale.

The BovineVerse IDO started its IDO sale on the same date. Until September 03 (the time of writing this article), more than 5,000 holders and more than 16,500 transactions show the willingness of investors and the high volume of applicants.

The account of this project in the BSCscan is not confirmed, and it’s not official. And even their logo is not registered on their smart contract, and we consider this a critical bug for such a massive project. Although they are very confident about their work and plan everything with accurate calculations, there are small holes that worry us about the future and utility of this project. Stay with Antidolos ICO rating and review until the end of this article to look closely at the BovineVerse (BVG) platform.

Financial details about BovineVerse ICO

Let’s take a closer look at the financials and see how the BovineVerse (BVG) platform has performed so far. In less than ten days from the private sale and the IDO, they have had more than 5,000 transactions, which at first glance is a significant and good number. But if you look more closely, you will find that all the transactions are minor and small figures of $50 - $70, and only 1.1% of the tokens have been distributed in this sale period.

We have two scenarios for this situation. The first case is that the sale is unsuccessful, and the distribution rate is due to the giveaway, bonus, and airdrops. It is considering that they have launched a big Airdrop on their site. The second scenario is that the investors’ trust is not at the optimal level. They believe the project is a risky investment and do not want to enter the game with a significant figure in the first step. Although small, this is a RED FLAG for the BovineVerse ICO two cases.

BVT Tokens Distribution

Token Distribution Rate

The next thing that caught our attention was the token distribution rate chart, which can be seen in the image above. As you can see, 10% of tokens are planned for private and 0.5% for IDO. Although the public sale is not over yet and it is too early to judge, if you expect the BovineVerse IDO to reach its target market and distribute 10.5% of BVT tokens as planned, I suppose you might be wrong and considering what In this short period, in the most optimistic case, they can distribute 5% of the tokens with these methods. We have to wait for the public sale and the listing of the BVT token on the exchanges. Also, they can probably make up for this deficit at that stage.

In the end, the phrase “Deflationary Mechanism” attracted our attention. We copied this phrase exactly from for you.

Capped Supply: 1,000,000,000 ? Final Supply: 21,000,000

Deflationary Mechanism: burning through breeding, building up a new planet, leveling up the planet (guild)

According to Antidolos Media, with three years of experience and facing more than 100 ICO and IEO since 2019, this is a huge step, which is not only not possible if there is no detailed planning and no attention to the infrastructure, but it will cause a sharp drop in BVT market cap.

How do they want to vanish 98% of its tokens without harming people’s capital? On the other hand, how does the BovineVerse (BVG) platform wish to manage such a large project with different subcategories with only 21M tokens?

These are the questions that occupied our minds, and we decided to take a closer look at the goals of their roadmap.

Current status of the market

Maybe our article is a bit biased, and you think our goal is against this project and its ambitious goals, and we want to inform you that BovineVerse is a scam project in this market. But we have to say it’s the wrong idea, and we like the BovineVerse (BVG) platform.

Let’s talk more comfortably about an innovative startup launched by a young team under a well-known brand (as they claim, but we could not confirm it) that wants to cover all aspects and fields known in the Blockchain.

Several exciting events, designing three attractive games, 4 NFT events, and collections, and entering DAO and SocialFi are significant and beautiful steps, unfortunately, considered the biggest weakness of BovineVerse ICO.

Do you want to launch a creative project with this size of the market and goals? So, it would be best if you had high initial capital and various revenue-generating plans in addition to many ads promoting and attracting the highest level of private investment. In the most optimistic case, they have been severely lacking and weak in the last two points.

It is pretty clear that they have great goals, but if we look back and compare projects of this scale with the BovineVerse IDO, we will realize that as soon as they enter the market and launch an ICO or private sale. Also, they raise several million dollars in just a few hours. This is what we haven’t seen in this project after a few weeks.

Bovine Verse (BVG) ICO Team

BovineVerse (BVG) platform Team

The team’s identity is always one of the most critical parameters determining a project’s credibility. At Antidolos Latest Blockchain News, this is usually the first thing we pay attention to. 

This is the Achilles heel of the BovineVerse (BVG) platform, which can overshadow all previous achievements and privileges.

Usually, to check the team and members, first, we review the site and then go to the Whitepaper. Finally, if there is no result, we check their LinkedIn page to find their employees because having a LinkedIn account is the first principle in starting an online business for a businessman.

Surprisingly, we didn’t see any traces of BovineVerse ICO team members at none of these three stages. They settle for one page about the team on their Whitepaper. Without any photo or LinkedIn account.

Even work history and resume, only four names, a vector avatar, and a few lines of description that we could not confirm their authenticity. You might say that BovineVerse is a scam IDO. But we don’t say this, and we try to be optimistic that maybe they don’t know the importance of the team in such projects, and perhaps they prefer to be in the shadows and manage this multifaceted business.

The era of Satoshi Nakamoto is over, and today, you must come in front of the camera to have a successful and reliable Crypto project and attract investors’ attention. You should participate in conferences and events, have frequent AMA, and be at the highest level of interaction with your users. This is a severe RED FLAG for

Investment Recommendation

All ratings and reviews on Antidolos are personal opinions, and we never intend to promote or demote a project. Also, these are only the results of our BovineVerse IDO review and analysis; in the end, you make the final decision.

The BovineVerse (BVG) platform appears promising, exciting, and innovative. Although they have just started the work, you will probably hear more news about it in the coming months, considering the social media and forums frenzy.

Please, be cautious if you intend to invest or participate in this project, and we recommend that “you do not test the waters with both feet.” Read carefully, and allow the platform to be battle-tested and bugs fixed before diving in fully. You can then decide to increase your stake in the BovineVerse IDO later.

A final word about the BovineVerse (BVG) platform

Antidolos is an independent media (not controlled by any government), and the goal has always been to provide you with the latest blockchain news without any restrictions or censorship. 

We sincerely thank you for your continual support and for reading the “Comprehensive review of the BovineVerse (BVG) platform!” article about the BovineVerse platform. Also, in the Antidolos Crypto price and analysis, you will get in-depth knowledge on several projects.  

If you find this article insightful or if you know someone planning to invest in BovineVerse ICO, do remember to share it with them.

Finally, if you have questions about a specific project, need our FREE guidance, or ICO scam adviser, you can submit your request from the “request Analysis ICO” page.

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