Which factors affect the Clash of Clans game account's price?

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Clash of Clans account accounts has significant prices due to the high popularity of this game among users. The reasonable price of Clash of Clans accounts, the high popularity of this game, the attractive and exciting updates of Supercell Company for Clash of Clans, etc., have all given hand in hand to make buying its account a fast option to progress. Clash of Clans account accounts price is important because it is based on different factors, which we will share with you in the following sections.

1.   Town Hall

The level of the Town Hall is known as one of the main factors influencing the final purchase price of the Clash account. City Hall is the command center of your village in the game, which with the increase of its level, new forces, new and up-to-date buildings, heroes, etc. will be opened for you. You can also upgrade your buildings, troops, heroes, etc. in higher town halls.

For example, in Town Hall 11, you can raise the walls of your village to level 12, but if your hall is upgraded to level 12, you can raise the walls of the village to level 13 and make it harder to penetrate the village. Upgrading your level Hall requires a lot of gold and time in the game, so the high level of Town Hall will have a very significant impact on the price of the Clash of Clans game account.


2.   Building level

Many Clashes of Clans users believe that by increasing the level of the town hall alone, they can increase the price and power of their village, but this belief is completely wrong. To increase the selling price of your Clash of Clans game account, you must increase the level of various buildings in your village, such as archer towers, cannons, eagle artillery, laboratories, wizard towers, secret Tesla, hell towers, etc.

Low levels of defensive buildings in the Clash of Clans game make it easy for your village to be defeated by opponents and you lose. In addition, the low level of buildings such as laboratories means that your forces have a low level and you cannot attack your opponents well.


3.   Heroes' level:

Clash of Clans game has four heroes named King Barbarian, Archer Queen, Grand Guardian, and Royal Hero, each of whom is released in different towns, and their access to the game is allowed to users. Increasing the levels of heroes adds new possibilities to them and increases their attacking power and ability to defend.

In the latest update of the Clash of Clans game, the level of the Barbarian King and the archer queen will be raised to 80, the level of the great guard to 55, and the level of the royal hero to 30, and users can raise their heroes to these levels.


4.   Wall level:

The wall is the most available option in any village, which also has a great impact on the defense power of the village. The relatively high price of wall upgrades along with their high number makes it difficult for most users to upgrade the level of this part of the village. As a result, villages with high-level walls are more expensive.


5.   Forces level:

Clash of Clans game has very different and attractive forces that users of this game use to attack or help their fellow tribesmen. You can upgrade your level of force in the lab building. The higher your lab level, the higher your powers can be. As the level of forces increases, the time and cost of upgrading their level increase too.


Concluding remarks

Although the popularity of the Clash of Clans game has decreased in the recent years with the advent of other games, there are still people in the world who play this game because of its originality.

Meanwhile, some people decide to buy this game's account to progress faster. However, some sellers by abusing people have questioned other people who sell accounts legally so users cannot trust all the sellers. However, what is the solution? The solution is to buy an account from reputable websites. Only trustworthy websites with reliable services are safe to buy a Clash of Clans game account. 

source: https://remote.misis.ru/eportfolios/566/clash

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