Top reference for Protein engineering and drug discovery

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Biotechnology sector is full of great websites and platforms that cover user’s needs about protein engineering and drug discovery databases, education and articles, in this article we have a short review on the top best references for protein engineering and drug discovery.


Protein engineering:

Protein engineering is one of the pioneer fields of biotechnology concentrating on the manipulating, engineering and controlling of protein structure and function. Protein engineering is the heart of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies. Understanding this field will help you achieve a good biotechnology job with a good salary. For becoming a profession in protein engineering.

Protein engineering is a concept related to designing, producing, optimizing and manipulating poly peptide structure and function with different techniques such as modification of amino acid sequences that are found in nature. This synthetic protein is engineered in bioinformatics laboratory with computational methods and bioinformatics algorithms.

In short, protein engineering is the process of designing, optimizing and developing useful or valuable protein with therapeutic, food, enzyme and unique goals for making human life better. This process is done by concentrating on structure details such as folding and 3d conformation. Protein engineering make a 240 billion dollar market in 2021

There are 3 main techniques used in protein engineering such as direct evolution, rational design and de novo design methods. Rational design is an effective method in protein engineering processes when we have access to the 3d structure and exact function mechanism of the protein in the cell.

In a short brief meaning, protein engineering is a method of changing protein sequence to achieve a better quality and quantity of function of protein with less cost.

There are multiple references and databases concentrating on the protein engineering and other biotechnology issues that have their own unique features.

Biodatatechnology is one of the pioneer protein engineering databases, articles directory, education and lecture that you can use as a reference for your research or projects.




Drug Discovery:

Drug Discovery is an important issue in Biopharmaceuticals R&D sectors that concentrate on designing, developing, optimizing new therapeutic molecules in the laboratory.

Drug discovery is a process that in association with medicine, pharmacology, biotechnology and genetics concentrate on the new molecule with a unique function and structure for commercial purpose.

Drug discovery in association with bioinformatics and immunoinformatics uses multiple computational biology methods and algorithms to run processes to identify the active agent candidate with computational methods.

Drug discovery has multiple steps that happen in laboratory and market such as discovery and development of new therapeutics molecules, Preclinical Research, clinical research, FDA drug review and FDA Post-Market Drug Safety Monitoring.

Drug discovery in a short conceptual answer is the process of identifying chemical and biological compounds with the potential of being used as therapeutic agents. The main goal of drug discovery is recognition of new molecules for the treatment of diseases .


Courses and Videos for Drug discovery and protein engineering:

If you are interested in drug discovery and protein engineering courses, lectures and short videos, then Biodatatechnology YouTube channel will help you to achieve all information you will need to understand the whole science of drug discovery, protein engineering, protein bioinformatics, immunoinformatics and biotechnology by short videos and lectures.



Protein engineering and drug discovery are 2 main important skills that act as a heart of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals industries. Learning these skills may help you achieve a good biotechnology job.



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