FUNA Goals ?

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What are The Goals of The FUNA Project?

FUNA Whitepaper:

FUNA means something that is relevant to the whole project and not just to a specific department.

FUNA is definitely building the structure and connecting the holders to the miners, and it can be said that the main part of the project is working in this direction.

Benefits of the FUNA project

- Reduction of commission rates.

-Increase liquidity.

-Reduce network stiffness.

-Speed up transactions.

-Provide a regular financial system with stable price by continuous and automatic token burning by network fees.

-Ownership of FUNA holders in Metaverse lands.

-Expand the demand circuit with and value by automatic and continuous token burning.

The main goal of this project is to connect the frequency of holders to the miners.


What challenges does the FUNA team face?

Almost 90% of our core business is hardware and has nothing to do with public opinion. 10% of it is software that is completed through the presentation of tokens and our Metavars project. Therefore, we face 10% of the challenges in this project, which will lead to the success of the project through their attractiveness and good performance. But on the other hand, we allocate 90% of the budget to software and 10% to hardware, and this will prove the balance and stability of the project.

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