Split Air conditioner explosion

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As the hot days of the year approach and the summer season arrives, the market for air conditioning equipment, including split air conditioners, is heating up and many people are buying these products. You may have heard the news about air conditioner explosion, in this article we are going to answer questions such as, do air conditioners explode or not? Is an explosion-proof air conditioner also produced? And ... let's answer. Join us to explore issues related to split ac explosion.

Is the split air conditioner explosion real?

So far, no news has been published about the explosion of split ac units, but in 1398 (Iranshahr) and 1400 (Mashhad), two explosions of split ac charging capsules were reported during installation, which unfortunately caused the death of two of our dear compatriots. Is. Improper installation by incompetent people in this field has been the cause of these incidents.

Installation of air conditioners by skilled people

According to the above, the cause of the accidents that occurred due to the explosion of the split air conditioner was the installation of the device by non-specialists and ignorant people, and it should be mentioned that (the air conditioner charging capsule) exploded and no explosion occurred in the split air conditioner components.

As you know, in order to choose and buy a split air conditioner, many parameters and points such as capacity, energy consumption, product brand, warranty, etc. must be considered. To install the device, a skilled and expert in this field must be selected so that the installation of air conditioners can be done in a standard and principled way.

Warranty and after-sales service

If the split air conditioner is purchased from a reputable and reliable seller, you will be offered a valid warranty and after-sales service. One of the duties of the seller is to introduce a skilled and expert person to install the device. You can also contact the company that provides after-sales service for the product to find the person you want to install the air conditioner. Unfortunately, some customers buy smuggled air conditioners without warranty due to cheaper prices and lower fees. Therefore, they are forced to turn to non-specialists and ignorant people to install air conditioners, being unaware that non-standard installation can bring the severe consequences.

Explosion-proof air conditioner

Explosion-proof air conditioners (EX) are used in places where there is a risk, such as refining, petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, electronic, etc., which are defined in international standards. Gases or dusts are emitted in these places, which increases the probability of explosion, so for added safety, all installed elements are explosion-proof equipment at those complexes. Explosion-proof split air conditioners are among these devices that are produced for these industries and their parts are made of special and explosion-proof alloys.

The reputable and reliable seller

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