Where is the best place for buying Telegram members in 2022?

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telmemeber.com as one of the oldest telegram services marketplace is by far the easiest and the most trusted website for buying telegram members. 24/7 online support and various payment methods (Visa, PayPal, crypto, perfect money, web money, etc) will create an enjoyable experience for the Telegram channel and group owners who are willing to buy offline or targeted members.


How fast is the delivery?

Orders are processed as soon as the payment is made by the client and the24/7 support usually messages the buyer to follow and accompany the client in the order’s different stages. Telegram channel subscribers and offline group members’ speed is around 20-30K per hour while giving the client the option to modify the speed as well. Real targeted members’ adding speed is100-5K per day depending on the group’s age and the customers’ decision.


What package should I choose?

If you own a Telegram channel and want to increase the number of subscribers, you need to purchase the offline or real Telegram channel subscribers package. The offline package offers you bots (fake members) that will not view your posts but will add to the number of subscribers you have. The real telegram channel subscribers package offers subscribers from Arab countries, making it an incredible choice for channels with Arabic content. The offline group members package works the same as the offline channel subscribers and is suitable for showing off a high number of members for your group. The real targeted Telegram group members package which is mostly used by crypto and ICO groups is the best choice for those admins who aim to increase their group’s activity and bring in more investors for their crypto project.


Is it safe to buy Telegram members in 2022?


It’s totally safe to buy Telegram members for groups and channels. There is100% guarantee that buying members will not affect your global search ranking (it actually improves it!) and there will be no ban or penalty on your content afterwards.


Can I buy viewers for my Telegram channel posts?

There are two different packages for channel post views. One of them helps adding views for the previous posts of the channel and the other will setup a hook on the channel. The hook observes the channel all the time and will start adding views as soon as any new posts are made.


Is there any adding software for sale?

Telegram Member Adder is a python-based app that allows you to invite other group’s active members to your own group! It requires session files (Telegram accounts) to work and its features allow you to bypass Telegram adding limitations and flood errors. There is also Telegram Crawler that is used for fetching list of members in a group.


How is the refund policy?

If the client is not satisfied with the service, there will be a full refund without any questions asked!


Do they promote adult content?

Sorry! Adult content is not acceptable!

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