Iranians entered the realm of cyptocurrency! KIFPOOL.ME is the best cyptocurrency exchange.

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For several years, with expanding of the digital currency market, Iranians have also entered the field of cryptocurrencies. And in this regard, they have achieved a lot of success. One of these developments is the emergence of digital currency exchanges. so, in this article, we will introduce one of the most important of these exchange, namely KIFPOOL.ME.

Security is the most important issue and concern of users in the world of digital currencies. Concerns about wallet hacking, secure transfer of cryptocurrencies, how to trust exchanges, how to secure assets, etc. are questions that are on the minds of many digital currency investors.


There are solutions to all of these concerns. KIFPOOL.ME  digital currency exchange observes several parameters to keep users safe and has issues to ensure customer satisfaction, and this issue has led to the trust of over three million Iranians in this exchange. But, the exchange has recommendations for its users that they must follow to protect their assets.


Using a complex password, activating the two-factor identification code that has been mandatory for some time, monitoring phishing attacks, installing antivirus, not using KIFPOOL.ME  account on public computers such as Internet cafes, not using the public Internet, and Unfamiliar, leaving the account after finishing work and not allowing others to access the account, are the points that users must follow when using their account in this exchange or any other exchange.


The high cost of transfers in networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum reduces the incentive to transfer assets to personal wallets, and on the other hand, low experiences such as hacking or fraud have made it risky to keep assets in some exchanges.

On the other hand, the lack of experience of users in safe and correct storage of cryptographic assets in personal wallets, has often caused some problems as well as creating grounds for fraud and depletion of personal wallets. KIFPOOL.ME  digital currency exchange has tried to cover all security concerns related to digital currencies for Iranian users.

There is a list of KIFPOOL.ME  actions to protect users' assets, and then, each of them is described in detail.

-Cold storage of assets and protection of assets against attacks

-Multi-signature structure and no possibility of fraud

-Requiring to a two-factor ID to log in and withdraw from the account

-Sending confirmation SMS

-Avoiding high volume withdrawals and video contact with the user to ensure that the user has withdrawn money

-to settle the servers in Iran

-Storing all customer information in encrypted form

-Creating a Lightning network for fast and secure bitcoin transfer

-Creating a Tetherschild network for secure Tether transmission

-Creating a dedicated bitcoin browser

-Ongoing security assessment

-Changing the address period of wallets

-Adding Stablecoin Dai

How to keep passwords in my wallet

Cryptographic assets are stored KIFPOOL.ME  in both cold and hot form. Most of KIFPOOL.ME  users's assets are stored in cold storage or in cold pot, and even if the entire exchange environment is hacked by hackers, users' cryptographic assets are protected; Because hackers cannot access the Cold Wallet Core system of this exchange that is not connected to any network. Discharge transactions in this system are made offline and transferred and signed to the cold storage system via QR code and then returned again through QR code to be sent to the internet connected system. Therefore, there is no insecure connection and access to the cold system.

The sum of the resources held in the hot spots As a risky asset, it is large enough to meet users' ongoing and rapid need for withdrawals. So if hot spots assets are lost for any reason, they can easily be replaced from KIFPOOL.ME assets.

Multi-signature structure

The communication structure of making and signing a transaction in KIFPOOL.ME Cold pot system is designed in such a way that no one can personally unload it. In other words, even the senior managers of this exchange have access to a part of the process, and without other people, it is not possible to complete the process.

Due to the limited access of each manager, if that manager is out of reach for any reason, a technical-legal mechanism is designed to transfer the right of access with the approval of other managers to another pre-determined person. This multi-signature system for transferring digital currencies from Cold pot reduces the possibility of fraud by any of the collection managers .

Identifying two factors and beyond

Activation of identifying two factors is mandatory for log in and withdrawing passwords in KIFPOOL.ME exchange. so, to log in and withdraw your account, you must enter the Google verification code from your mobile phone or laptop. This compulsion in activating the identification of two factors to increase the security of the user's account and assets.

You may have chosen a strong password for your account, but there may still be risks such as system hacking, email hacking, sharing your password with others, turning your computer on and having your account open, and so on. Threatens that two-factor approval will reduce these risks.


Sending confirmation SMS

Despite entering the password to log in to the account and confirming the two factors through the Google Authenticator software, when withdrawing cyptocurrency or withdrawing Rials, for complete security and security of the account, a code is sent to the user's phone to confirm the final withdrawal  enter this code as well.

Avoiding high volume pickup and video contact with the user

In view of all these measures, if the user of KIFPOOL.ME suddenly withdraws a large amount of Rials or cryptocurrencies from his account, withdrawing a large amount will be subject to a video call with the user. so, even if your account, password, and cell phone get into the hands of other people and they want to withdraw large amounts from your account, a video call with the user will prevent any criminal action. The process of video calling has accelerated in recent weeks, and with the strengthening of the support team, this process will be such that it does not affect the speed of money transfer for users. Of course, until making a video call, the user can buy and sell in KIFPOOL.ME.

To settle servers in Iran

All KIFPOOL.ME services, which include user information and especially financial information and confidential details of users' digital assets, are fully hosted on servers inside Iran. the risk of blocking users' assets or creating other similar problems due to financial sanctions against Iranians is eliminated.

Encryption of user information

Due to the importance of the data transferred between users and KIFPOOL.ME system, all data transferred between users and servers of this exchange is protected using the latest and strongest encryption protocols. The protocol used to transfer data in exchange has a security grade of + A from the valid site test

To ensure the security of data exchange, using the new features of browsers such as HSTS, all necessary measures have been taken to prevent intrusion at the level of the transfer protocol. In addition, by getting acquainting with known intrusion methods and implementing the necessary precautions, KIFPOOL.ME users are protected from many attacks, including POODLE, Heartbleed, and WeakDH.

Creating a Lightning network

Transferring bitcoins on the Lightning network platform, which is also possible in KIFPOOL.ME exchange, allows users to create bitcoin payment channels with each other, and thus many small transactions will stay away from the main network. High transfer speeds and low fees greatly reduce the likelihood of transaction tracking.

Create a Tetrashild network

One of the risks that has always been raised about Tether is the possibility of freezing Tether on its addresses in different networks. KIFPOOL.ME was the first exchange in Iran to unveil a protected transfer (anonymous) or Tetherashfield, identifying existing threats. Shielded (anonymous) transactions on the Tron network using the zk-SNARK protocol conceal the sender and receiver address as well as the amount transmitted.

Creating a dedicated blockchain browser

Blockchain browser with all its advantages and applications can be risky in some cases; so companies like Cifferris, whose job it is identifying the IPs of users in sanctioned countries such as Iran, use every means to identify Iranian users' accounts. To address this threat, KIFPOOL.ME has created its own browser for the Bitcoin block chain. The block chain browser is actually Google's search engine in the world of cryptocurrencies. With helping of these browsers, users can access various details such as transactions related to wallet address as well as block chain data such as the amount of transactions, source and destination of funds, as well as the status of transactions and transaction fees.

Ongoing security assessment

In addition to the constant monitoring and protection of KIFPOOL.ME security team, security consulting and penetration tests are conducted periodically, And the contracting party of this exchange for these periodic assessments is also one of the reputable companies that is active in the financial market and is responsible for the security of a large number of banks in the country.

Change the address period of wallets

In order to protect the privacy and security of users 'assets and reduce the risk of interception of transfers, KIFPOOL.ME periodically changes users' wallet addresses.

Adding Stablecoin Dai

According to the news about the risk of transferring Tethra to Iranian users, KIFPOOL.ME, despite the creation of Tethrashild network for safing transfer of Tethra, And although no report has been published so far on the freezing of Iranian users' Tethra, StableCoin has added Dai to the market of this exchange. so that people who intend to buy and transfer Tethra can use Dai as a substitute for Tethra.

In addition to all that has been said, when a business has a good income and brings that income with good credit, it  guarantees the existence of its business and it is in its best interest to stick to its obligations to people's capital and maintain its profits. KIFPOOL.ME currently has over three million Iranian and non-Iranian users Part of the transaction fee of these users is the network fee and part is allocated to the exchange. Therefore, in addition to ethical and human issues, with due attention to the multi-year history of the exchange, the trust of this number of users and the profit that is gained from transactions for the entire exchange, there is no reason for a financial group to even think about such issues. On the other hand, the multi-signature structure prevents any individual action in this regard.

A secure platform for buying and selling digital currency

KIFPOOL.ME, as the first and largest digital currency exchange in Iran, has used all security measures to protect the assets of its nearly three million users so that Iranians, despite foreign sanctions, can invest in this platform in the cryptocurrency market easily . Sign up in KIFPOOL.ME to buy and sell Tethra, Bitcoin and other digital currencies.



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