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Eyeliners are products that apply color to the area around the eyes to accent and highlight appearance of the eyes. Eyeliners along with mascaras are used to emphasize the eyelids and to change the perceived shape of the eyes. These products contain special ingredients which apply color where it is needed in a precise manner. Eyeliners are specially formulated to ensure that potentially harmful microorganisms cannot grow and multiply. The safety of Eyeliners is established by the safe and suitable ingredients. In addition, Eyeliners are assessed for their potential to cause skin irritation or cause allergic reactions. Product safety is also established though strict adherence to the principles of Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices which includes testing the compatibility of the product with packaging as well as shelf-life stability.



What is Eyeliner Made of?

Eyeliner can vary widely in terms of formulation, but there are a few key elements which seem to consistently be used. Three types of ingredients are generally required which are as follows:

  • Film formers are designed to lay down a thin layer on the skin, making application easier.
  • Thickening agents make up the bulk of what eyeliner is made of by both weight and volume. These include waxes, clays, and gums, many of which are naturally derived.
  • Pigments make up the coloring of the product. The most common include iron oxides for black and brown shades, titanium dioxide for lighter colors including white, chromium oxide for green, and ultramarine for blue.


Types of Eyeliners

From a classic smoky eye to the luscious gold eyeliner trend, finding the perfect eyeliner isn’t just about making your eyes pop. Understanding which type of eyeliner to use for which look isn’t always an exact science. Today there are many varieties of eyelinerLinks to an external site. on the market. In other words, there is no omnipotent eyeliner out there all of them are separated into different categories that are designed for different uses around the eye.

  • Gel: This type of eyeliner tends to be particularly high in wax content and it is fantastic for staying put and is a great choice among waterproof eyeliners. This style of eyeliner is often applied with an eyeliner brush, which helps to create a more precise line. And while gel liner is an excellent option for application to the waterline, achieving this technique with an eyeliner brush can be tricky.


  • Cream: Type eyeliners offer a fantastic solution for creating a smoky eye look. This is because they’re virtually designed for smudging and behaving in a way that’s similar to other cream-based types of makeup, such as eye shadowLinks to an external site.. Kohl eyeliner is often categorized as the cream eyeliners.



  • Liquid

This eyeliner is one of best types and is designed with vivid, intense, long-lasting color in mind, making it ideal for high-drama looks. However, it also requires a delicate touch during application. Liquid liner tends to dry quickly, making it less than ideal for smudged and softer looks. There are two types of liquid liner. The first is brush tip, which is excellent for fine lines and precision detailing and the second is felt tip, which is slightly easier to apply and is perfect for creating a cat-eye effect.


  • Pencil

Pencil eyeliners are the simplest to use and the best for subtler looks. In terms of consistency, this type of eyeliner represents a cross between dry and creamy formulas. Mechanical eyeliners also fall into the pencil category. These are retractable versions of pencil eyeliner, which makes them convenient and less likely to break but also more difficult to sharpen. They tend to be less long-lasting than liquid eyeliners.


When to Use Eye Pencil

It is ideal for beginners, as it’s the easiest eyeliner type to control and correct especially while applying the mascaraLinks to an external site.. The control of the pencil’s tip allows users to draw on layers of eyeliner at a time until they get the perfect shape and thickness of eyeliner.

Pencil eyeliner tends to be lighter than other types of eyeliner, making it a less bold choice and great for wearing at the office or on an everyday basis. On the downside, pencil eyeliner isn’t as smooth as other eyeliner types and can often smudge after it’s been applied. For this same reason, pencil eyeliner often has to be touched up regularly throughout the day to ensure the correct level of intensity. However, don’t be fooled. Sometimes a smudged look can be exactly what you’re going for if you’re into a dark, smokey eye.


Types of Pencil eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner comes in two types: the traditional pencil and a retractable pencil. The traditional pencil needs to be regularly sharpened for use, while the retractable pencil can simply be twisted to extend its length.


Eye Shadow as Eyeliner

When you want a smoky look and don’t want to be limited to the colors available in eye pencilsLinks to an external site., a wet brush and eye shadow can line your eyes in a pinch. Shadow doesn’t have the staying power of pencils, gels or liquid liners, though, so don’t expect it to last for long unless you put it under a waterproof pencil or other long-lasting liner. Shadow isn’t the best choice for tight lining or winged looks, either. By all means, try a diversity of eyeliners to create different looks for day and night, or just to have fun and be creative.

Source: SafirLinks to an external site. Cosmetics And Perfumes website

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