Online Dating: The Power of the Straight Line

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I was having a conversation with my friend this afternoon about taking effective action to reach my goals.

Specifically, we were talking about blow-outs and how crashing and burning with a single girl or a few girls online is a very good sign.

Why? Because it means you’re truly putting yourself out there and experimenting to the limit.

So yeah, I admit it. I still get blown out. But I also have great success because I put myself out there all the way – anyone who says they have a perfect track record is lying to you.

In fact, even some of the top “gurus” in the field (who Legend and I have hung out with) admit to having true success with only 1 out of 3 women.

Now before you start spitting on a 33% success rate for the most well-known gurus in the online dating arena, think about this: A 33% success rate means having the most beautiful woman you can imagine eating out of the palm of your hand, willing to do nearly anything for you.

If that means having 2 “unsuccessful” interactions with 2 other incredibly gorgeous women before I reach that third successful one… that’s a deal I can live with. And I don’t think there’s any guy who would turn that deal down either.

Anyway, there was a point I was driving toward here. I had said that, if anything, I should be aiming to have more blow-outs because that shows that I am truly getting out of my comfort zone.

Don’t get me wrong – since we started Dating Evolution in 2018, my comfort zone has expanded greatly from where it was.

But comfort zone is something you have to stay on top of – it’s elusive since once you expand it, what was previously outside of your comfort zone is now… your new comfort zone. You have to keep pressing on to keep growing.

This isn’t just for dating beautiful women online though. This goes for everything.

For example, I know that I want to get out of my current 9-5 job into something I like better. I tell myself I could be making more money, I could be doing something I enjoy more and I could be using skills that I’m not using. And yet, I don’t take the actions to JUST DO IT!

But it’s not so cut and dry as to say I’m procrastinating. See, the tricky part is that I’m doing “good things” and “productive things”, but I’m not taking the most direct actions to get me to my goal.

Here’s the question: What is the straight line to success?

Not all the additional supportive things you can do to get you to your goal. Not all the self-improvement exercises that visualize success. Not all the planning and prep work. I’m talking about the skeleton, bare-bones plan that you know needs to happen to get you from point A to point B.

I am a huge supporter of self-improvement stuff. Hell, I’m a self-improvement and self-development junkie – my MP3 player is loaded with courses, I sink at least an hour a day into self-improvement exercises and I am always monitoring and improving my behavior.

The fact is that this is all good as long as it is combined with strong daily actions that will drive me forward towards my goals. Otherwise it is procrastination masquerading as productivity.

Visualizing having the dream job daily is great IF I am simultaneously taking actions to GET the dream job – joining dating meet-up groups in online dating industry, finding local companies that are hiring, applying to the jobs, going to interviews.

Visualizing having the dream girl or being a world-class player daily is great IF I am simultaneously taking the actions to become that man.

To be specific to dating beautiful women: Yes, visualizing approaching beautiful women online and having success with them is great. Yes, affirmations are great. Yes, studying courses and listening to audio courses about seduction is great.

I really mean this – this isn’t a brush off… having great SUPPORT habits for your goals magnifies your effectiveness. It is your effectiveness multiplier.

But what’s the straight line path to success with being truly successful with beautiful women online ?

1) Meet as many beautiful women as possible, as often as realistically possible.
2) Do the best you can in your interactions.
3) Push the limit a little bit more than last time.
4) Journal it.
5) Contemplate your experience
6) Repeat.

I believe that this is the most straight-line, bare bones route to succeeding with beautiful women. Before you invest in learning materials for pick-up / seduction, commit to having this straight-line habit in place.

So where are you adding steps instead of reinforcing the straight line path in your learning? Where are you afraid to “burst your own bubble” or the image of success you have in your head with real world experimentation? How in touch are you with your own straight line to success?


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